Thursday, June 30, 2016

Abstracts of Deeds of Washington County, New York

Items extracted from a book of Abstracts of Deeds of Washington Co., New York; expanded the content with some of the records [and images] found online at FamilySearch.

New York Land Records, 1630-1975  Washington Deeds 1781-1800 vol B-2-D [Image 460]:
p. 207
9 Dec 1796
Isaac Sargent of Westfield
Ebenezer Backus of Granville
Sargent sold part of Lot #68 & #69 (100 acres) in Westfield to Backus for (385 pounds). Land was bounded by land of Ebenezer Northam and part of the Artillery Patent and subject to a mortgage given by Alpheus Spencer, late of Westfield.
Witnesses: Benjamin Backus & Susannah Tanner
Rec: 1 Sept 1797

p. 87 [Image 397]
Janet, Mary, Harriet and William Smith of Lower Canada
Samuel Green of Cambridtge
Smiths sold west end of Lot #70 (170 acres 28 rods) in Cambridge....
Rec: 8 Dec 1796

p. 192 [Image 452]
5 Feb 1796
John Thurman, merchant of NY City
John Beckhus of Thurman
Thurman sold Lot #5 (212 1/2 acres) to Beckus for L100 NY lawful money -- land located in Twp of Hyde and Thurman on the west side of the middle branch of the Hudson River
Signed: John Thurman; David Alexander
Rec: 2 Aug 1797

p. 257 [Image 485]
Janet Smith of Quebec "widow but at present of NY City...under Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Livingston, deceased....

p.296 [Image 504]
31 May 1794
William Smith, Esq; Janet Smith and Mary Smith, executor and executrixes of LW&T of William Smith, Esq, late Chief Justice of Prov of Quebec, dec'd...

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