Monday, March 14, 2016

Texas Has Its Magic Valley

Rio Grande River In the Rio Grande (Magic)* Valley


"Land speculation has been as much a part of American life as....".  "Something else of a disturbing nature would have happened--ours was that kind of a family--even if the Texas Land Dealer hadn't come along."

"[The Texas Land Dealer, Mr. John Warner]...expounding at the glories of his proposition. 'California might have its Imperial Valley, but Texas has its *MAG-ic Valley, more romantic, by far.'"

Mr. Crandell's story started in 1923 (in the middle of his Michigan farming experiment):

United States Census, 1920
Detroit Ward 18, Wayne, Michigan
Gender Male
Age 27
Marital Status Married
Alger B Crandell Head M 27 Michigan [wholesale bakery salesman]
Marion G Crandell Wife F 25 Michigan
Warren B Crandell Son M 2 Michigan
Elieen M Crandell Daughter F 0 Michigan
Geo W Peters Father-in-law M 69 Michigan

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