Monday, March 28, 2016

Soldiers' Delight


"Concerning the origin of the name of this interesting tract and the time it was applied calls for several different versions In 1666...the Susquehannock Indians...went on the warpath and broke in upon the settlers around the headwaters of the Gunpowder and Patapsco...and carried destruction far and near.

For fourteen years this warfare continued...[necessitating] a detail of troops to constantly patrol the frontier line of the county then extending from the Patapsco through Soldiers' Delight,... .

The soldiers, in patrolling their beat, frequently lost their way in that part of the country, now called the Delight, and named the section in irony, saying that it was a delightful country to get lost in, being full of pitfalls and treacherous ravines, and it would sometimes take them several days to find their way out. The old block garrison house, though erected in 1692, is still in a good state of preservation."


The Archives of Maryland indexed the following: Soldiers Delight. Lib. D.D. No. 5 (17268), Trans., pp. 544, 546, 555, 557.

The Lowe family and Soldiers' Delight.

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