Monday, March 7, 2016

Christopher Bush's Land

From the Kentucky Historical Society site's Index for Virginia Surveys and Grants:


 "The Lincoln kinsman" has more the detail:

Christopher Bush was entering land in Kentucky as early as August 9, 1781, as the Possessioners Report Book for Nelson County under that date contains the following memorandum:

"Christopher Bush enters 200 acres of land on a treasurers warrent No. 5166 on Hardin's Creek, including a mill seat."

The commissioner's tax books for Hardin County reveal interesting facts about the economic conditions of the Bush family in their early experience in Kentucky. When Sarah Bush was five years old in 1793, her father listed for taxation 495 acres of land, three horses, and seven cattle. Ten years later when Sarah was fifteen, Christopher Bush was in possession of 1020 acres of land in Hardin County and 1000 acres in Breckenridge County.

The following year, on October 14, 1794, Christopher purchased the following lots in Elizabethtown, Hardin County: numbers 28, 31, 33. His son, Samuel, purchased lots 35 and 37, and Isaac Bush, another son, bought lot number 38.

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