Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cramer-Clemens Farm

"In 1854 the first St. Clement church was built on Van Dyke."

"The community known as Kunrod's corners was centered around State Road (now Sherwood) and Ten Mile Road which was a dirt or mud path. The local citizens who were mostly immigrants from Germany, Ireland, France and Belgium, decided that then wanted a church in the nearby area."

"...Mathias and Joseph Miller donated two acres of land they had been given as payment for work they had done for Joseph Cramer." "Additional properties were donated and several parcels of land were raffled and the money used to buy six acres of the Cramer-Clemens farm. The parish may have been named St Clement after Mr. Clemens." [Source]


JOSEPH CRAMER, Jr., son of Joseph and Magdalene (Aut - sic Ant) Cramer...[his] parents were natives of Prussia, Germany, who immigrated in 1842.  The family are members of the Catholic Church.

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