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Leroy Pope's Appearance In Sugars Turner Deeds

Source [Leroy Pope portrait]

Excerpts below from Madison Co., AL Deed Book A-E, 1810-1819 Territorial Hist C 976.197 Joh:

Item #490
2-17-1818 (121-122)
Allen Jones Davie and Mary Davie, husband and wife
…SW ¼ and SE ¼ Section 25-3-2W

Item #491
2-17-1818 (122-123)
Sugars and Rebeckah Turner
Peter Benford
SE /14 and SW ¼ Sec 25-3-2W
[Prov 2-18-1818]

Item #672
Egbert Harris of the first part
Leroy Pope, trustee for Willis Pope 2nd part (Willis Pope, 3rd pt)
1442 acres
mortgage except 368 acres already conveyed to Sugars Turner on Hurricane Creek….

Item #748
Egbert Harris
Leroy Pope, trustee….
Except 368 acres sold to Sugars Turner…

Item #752
10-16-1819 (486)
Allen J. Davie
Deed of Trust
Sugars Turner has security for certain debts...I authorize him to work my Negroes now in his possession on his plantation until the profits arising from labor shall pay debts. If …he can sell…Negroes…
Witnesses: Lewis H. Deloney and Peter Benford

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