Friday, June 26, 2015

Thomas Ingersoll, From Mass. To Canada

From the History of Great Barrington: (Berkshire County,) Massachusetts:

Source - A Farm In Canada [Not Ingersolls]

[Major] Thomas Ingersoll, from Westfield...came to this place [Great Barrington, Massachusetts] about the year 1774. [He] became a Major in the militia and held a position of influence amongst the inhabitants.

Some time after the close of the war, the attention of Major Ingersoll was attracted by a proclamation of the Canadian Governor Simcoe offering to persons who would settle there certain large tracts of land in Canada.

He afterwards met the celebrated Indian chieftain, Captain Joseph Brant, who gave him information respecting the lands offered and proposed whenever Major Ingersoll might visit Canada to point out to him the most desirable section for settlement. Major Ingersoll went to Canada and presented to the Council the petition of himself, the Rev. Gideon Bostwick, and three others for the grant of a township. This petition was granted March 23, 1793, partly "in consideration of the well known loyalty and suffering of the Rev. Gideon Bostwick," who, as stated in the grant, comes precisely under the description of persons who ought to be encouraged to settle in the Province. 
Laura Secord, Thomas Ingersoll's daughter, was a Canadian heroine.

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