Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Keokuk And Tennessee

Valley In Tennessee

Keokuk, Iowa, Neighborhood
From the Mark Twain biography:

'How much are you going to charge?

" 'Well, I'll teach you the river for $500.

Gee whillikens! he! he! I ain't got $500, but I've got five lots in Keokuk, Iowa, and 2,000 acres of land in Tennessee that is worth two bits an acre any time. You can have that if you want it.' "I told him I did not care for his land, and after talking awhile he agreed to pay $100 in cash, $150 in twelve months and the balance when he became a pilot. He was with me for a long time, but sometimes took occasional trips with other pilots. He was always drawling out dry jokes, but then we did not pay any attention to him." [Source]

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