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William Howard And Canadian Land Petitions

An Upper Canada Land Petition:

Image 508

Name: HOWARD, William [Yeoman]
Place: Howard [Twp., Western District]
Year: 1809
Volume: 226A
Bundle: H 9
Petition: 52
Microfilm: C-2046
Reference: RG 1 L3

"That your petitioner has a family and has been thirty years in this Province and his Father died in His Majesties service."

"That your Petitioner was granted under a Land Board Certificate 200 acres of land, being the front, or northerly, part of Lot No. 5 in the River Thames in the said Township of Howard, County of Suffolk, upon which he has been....".

Also see: Image 512Image 511Image 510, Petition 52b, Image 509, " 52a.  Other information included that he had been settled "this twelve year" and has "cleared between 30 and 40 acres thereon and erected buildings;"  [Wm Howard paid 5 pounds, 11 shillings sterling; 80 acres of land was granted and entered in Land Book "H" Page 183 (also Land Book H, pages 102 and 103 mentioned in pencil); Warrant #534 or #554 mentioned; Andrew Hamilton's 50 acres mentioned as was the River Thames; front concession of Howard under authority of a Land Board Certificate]

Wm Howard Signature On Petition

Did a meeting of the Land Board of the Counties of Essex and Kent that met in Detroit on 9 August 1793 (regarding land intended for William Howard the son of Mrs. Martha Howard) reference the same Lot #5 on the River Thames that was noted in the 1809 petition?:


The William Howard in the above petition fits the criteria to be "our" William Howard.  See a timeline for "our" William Howard below:

1776 - Approximate DOB

1777 - Approximate Date Of His Father's Death in "His Majesties Service"

1817 - William Howard, who was living in Grimsby Township, Lincoln County, Canada, purchased another piece of property in that township

1828 - The 1828 census for Grimsby records William Howard's family in the household as 1 male under 16, 4 females under 16, 1 male over 16 and 2 females over 16 .

23 January 1843 - William Howard's Death/Obituary

On the 23rd of January,  William Howard, of the township of Grimsby, in the 67th year of his age. He was brought from England to America at the time of the Revolution, by his father, who was a Surgeon, in the Royal Navy and who was slain in the commencement of the war.  His mother was afterwards married to a Lieutenant McDonald, with whom he removed to Upper Canada when but a boy. He leaves a widow and seven children. [Source - Death Notices of Ontario]

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