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Martha Howard, William Howard And Allan MacDonald

Kent County, Ontario, Canada - Trail "G" and the Thames River 

Searching For William Howard's Mother was an earlier post in my Detour Through History blog (excerpted below):

  • Assumption #1:  Mrs. Howard was born in England
  • Assumption #2:  She and Mr. Howard lived in America
  • Assumption #3:  She married Lieutenant McDonald (McDonnell, etc) in America
  • Assumption #4:  She moved to Upper Canada ca 1785 (William was born ca 1776)

 Was Martha Howard, who applied for land in Canada on behalf of herself and her son, William Howard, the woman for whom I was searching? [I think so]

Howard, Martha
River a la Tranche [now the Thames River]
1792  251  
H Misc. 
Petition# 153
RG 1 L3

Information gathered from Petition# 153:

 She joined and adhered to the British interest 
at the commencement of the late Rebellion
For herself and son of 15 years....
Six years ago she was in possession of Lot No. 7, Fort Erie Township
Surveyed for Allan McDonald
who made it over to her
that the now premises..that lot may be otherwise occupied
and therefore prays for a lot on the river Latranche 
...paid...for his interest and improvement in Lot #3
1 Concession Northside 2 Township
...prefers that lot
ready to resign her title to land at Fort Erie
if her absence has not already forfeited it
and provided she can't get Lot #3
she prays for a lot as near that 
Image 324 [last page]

Finding Upper Canada Land Petitions blog post (Archives' updated link here).

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