Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mostly Rs In The Allegany Index

New York, Land Records, Allegany Grantee index 1807-1929, Q-S; The "page number" of the Image is listed because I learned the hard way that the links may be broken at a later date.  If that happened, one can go to the category, in this case the Allegany Grantee index, and search for the Image number because that should be close to the needed (missing) link.

Richmonds (Image 78)

Ric (Image 92)

Rid (Image 96)

Rig (Image 100)

Roa (Image 110)

Rob (Image 120)

Ro(gers) (Image 130)

Ro(se) (Image 140)

Ro (Image 150)

Ru (Image 160)

"S" (Image 182)

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