Friday, March 20, 2015

Heirs Of John Porter

Squire Jack Porter's Portrait Courtesy of the
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Allegany County, Maryland, Deeds
F-385, F-386, F-387, F-388, F-389 
20 March 1812


F-386 Allegany Co., Maryland

Stony Batter Bottom was mentioned in one or more of the above-named deeds.

This tract was resurveyed for Gabriel Mackenzie on January 7th, 1755.  The resurvey...was called "The Resurvey on Gabriel's Choice," and contained three hundred and fourteen acres. The resurvey is bounded by the following tracts, some of which had not been laid out at the time the resurvey was made : ...On the south lies "The Resurvey on Stony Batter Bottom." [Source]

The McKenzies of Early Maryland has the heirs of John Porter (including Squire Jack Porterhere.

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