Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Clark White, Et Al

New York, Land Records, Allegany Deeds:

86-595 (Image 309)
18 November 1869
Clark White and Wife And Others
Henry A. Richmond
Lot #124

...Clark White and Tryphena, his wife; Dugald White and Lydia, his wife; George White and Ann, his wife; Samuel White and Lydia, his wife; Serena Sayles, Minerva Baker by V. C. Baker, her attorney in fact; V. C. Baker and Sophia Hartshorn, a minor, for John Hartshorn her special guardian...of the first part and Henry A. Richmond of Independence, Allegany County, State of New York....heirs at law of Samuel S. White, deceased.....

An excerpt from the Ray's Place website gives some background on Samuel S. White and his heirs:

Samuel S. White, born Oct. 17, 1796, in Hopkinton, R. I., removed with his father to Alfred, married Nancy Teater and came to Independence in 1819, settled on lot 50 where he remained until his death, Sep. 4, 1860. Mrs. White died Jan. 25, 1863. Mr. White built the first hotel in Whitesville. conducted it and a store for several years, was a large dealer in cattle, an extensive farmer and and owner.

His was the first framed house in Whitesville. His children were Dugald C., the first child born in the town, Clark, Serena Cynthia, Sophia, George S., Minerva and Samuel E. 4 survive, 3 live near the place of their birth. 

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