Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pardo's Lots

From Papers And Addresses of the Kent (Ontario, Canada) Historical Society:

"Two Connected Townships — Schedules and index — Schedule of lots — District of Hesse ; — the lots contain 200 acres each; — Report A. — lot 47, — first concession, names of grantees, John Pardo; date of location September 11, '90; — quantity granted in acres, 200; — reference to index page, P. 

"Report, A — names of grantees, John Pardo; — 1st concession, lot, 47; — acres granted, about 200. 

"Disbanded Troops and Loyalists. — List of disbanded troops and loyalists to be settled on the north side of Lake Erie, from a creek, 4 miles from the mouth of the Detroit River, to a small creek about a mile and a half beyond Cedar River — No. 18. — names, John Pardo. — Remarks, Private Kings Regiment, 3 years man — number in family, 2 — lot number, 47 

"Detroit, 9 September 1791, — At the board meeting petitions for provisions — disbanded soldiers — British Regiment, John Pardo, 8 regiment." 

At the Land Board for the District of the council chamber of Detroit, Friday 4th. May, 1792. — the following transfers were also then confirmed for lots in the first concession 2 connected townships, Lake Erie, viz. — certificate number 15, lot number 47, John Pardo to Rudolph Huffman. 

"Detroit 18, May 1792, filed the following petitions 430, 437,-435 J. Pardo. 

"18, May 1792, the meeting took up the petitions * * * 
(435) John Pardo and directed that certificates be filled up on the prayer of them, and accordingly a certificate, number 103 for Pardo, for lot number 75 in the first concession of the two connected townships, Lake Erie. 

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