Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lucy Richmond To The Bernards

Livingston County, New York, Deeds
13 September 1842
Richmond, Lucy and others To Benton Bernard and others  

Between Lucy Richmond, of Livonia, Livingston County and Lorenda Pitts, relict of Gideon Pitts, and Cyrus Pitts and Caroline E. Pitts, of Richmond, Ontario County, New York...
Benton Bernard and Chauncey Bernard....

...east of lands...east by lands formerly or now owned by Stephen Fowler....and south by lands of the Heirs of Charles Fowler, deceased.... deed of conveyance from the sheriff of Ontario County to James Richmond...and by the said James Richmond conveyed to Gideon Pitts...since deceased July 9th, 1823...conveyed to Lucy Richmond as the wife of James Richmond....

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