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John Pearson, Of Illinois, Grantor In NY

Livingston County, New York, Deeds
2 September 1833
John Pearson, Danville, Vermilion Co., Illinois

....Grantee, William Hosmer of Avon, Livingston County, New York....Chandler Pierson...

Witnesses:  John Hosmer, Sophia Chitens

From "The past and present of Vermilion County, Illinois (additional links added):"

John Pearson

Judge [John] Pearson was born in Avon, New York, in January, 1802. The first of the name in this country was Rev. Abraham Pearson, who came from Yorkshire, England, in 1639.

John Pearson, the father of the Judge, was the sixth child born to Ephraim and Hannah Pearson, his birth occurring in the town of Tolland, Connecticut, in 1765, while he died in western New York, at the age of forty-seven years. He was a pioneer merchant of that part of the state and a very wealthy man. He married Rebecca Watrous, whose first husband was General Hull, a Revolutionary soldier; her second, John Pearson; and her third. Colonel Samuel Blakeslee, also a hero of the Revolution. She survived all, dying at the age of ninety-six years.

His wife died June 4, 1842, and in 1843 he married Katherine Passage, of Princeton, New Jersey. He then located in New York city, where he remained until 1846, but he did not like it there and besides his property was in the west, he having large landed interests in Chicago and in Vermilion county. In 1849 he made the overland trip to California, where he engaged in selling goods, taking out a fine outfit. He would not enter into politics there and after selling out his store at Bidwell's Bar, California, he went down among the Yumas on a trading expedition and his partners were killed. Although he escaped with his life he lost all his possessions and soon after he returned to Danville, where he spent his remaining days, having a fine property here and large landed interests in the state.

...Judge Pearson, the honored pioneer, who passed away in June, 1875.

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