Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Widow Mary Howard, Grantor

My ancestor, William Howard, purchased LOT C, East Gore, Township of Grimsby, Lincoln County Ontario, Canada, in 1817 (Source: Film #170114, Abstract Index Books, 1798- 1957, Lincoln County (Ontario) Registrar of Deeds). It was sold in 1863 by the widow Mary Howard, per Instrument #13990.

On 11 June 2014 I viewed Grimsby Township [Deed Book]...D...Film 170117 and copied Instrument #13990 (abstracted below):

Number of Instrument: #13990 [From The Abstract Index Book]
Instrument:  Bargain And Sale
Instrument Date:  30 November 1863
Date of Registry:  1 December 1863
Grantor:  Mary Howard, Widow
Grantee:  Isaac Brock Howard
Quantity of Land:  24 a 3r 

An expanded view of #13990:

...Between Mary Howard of the Township of Grimsby, County of Lincoln and said Province of Canada, a widow, of the first part, and Isaac Brock Howard of the City of Toronto County of York and Province of Canada aforesaid, Clergyman - of the second part - ....six hundred dollars of lawful money of Canada was paid by the said party of the second part to the said party of the first part...certain parcel or tract of land and premises...lying and being in the Township of Grimsby aforesaid leaving a part of Lot Number Three [I read Three, Not C] in...Gore and containing by...Twenty-four acres three roods and nineteen peches...which said parcel or tract of land is...and bounded or...otherwise....Beginning at a large white oak tree in the...of the second concession---Thence North seventy-two degrees west twenty-three chains and fourteen links - Thence South Seventy-one degrees East Ten chains and Fifty nine links - Thence North twenty-five degrees East twenty links--....which said Indenture is witnessed by Hugh Moore of the Town of Dundas Esquire and Hamilton H. Moore of the same place...
H. Moore - Hamtn Moore

Working backwards, Instrument #5222 (Film #10151) is needed to view the transaction where William Howard was the Grantee for the above-described parcel of land.

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