Sunday, August 31, 2014

Seigniorial Tenure

"The vulnerable points on the Island of Montreal thus being provided for, Talon determined to revert as he says, 'to the ancient custom of the Romans of distributing proedia militaria to the soldiers of a subjugated country,'... ".  "In order to further strengthen Montreal and the entrance of the Richelieu River,--both principal positions for Iroquois descents,--fiefs were given to Sieurs de Laubia.....". [Source]

An excerpt taken from Titles and documents relating to the seigniorial tenure, in return to an address of the Legislative Assembly, 1851:

Titles of the Fief of Cresse, or River Nicolet
The Sieur Courval

Jean Talon, King's Councillor of State and Privy Counsellor, Intendant of Justice, Police and Finances of New France, the Island of Newfoundland, Arcadia, and other countries of North France;....

....Sieur of Laubia, Captain of a Company of Infantry in the said Regiment of Broglia......


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