Saturday, August 2, 2014

Millard Fillmore In Aurora

A name included in the New York, Land Records, Erie Deed index-grantee 1808-1859, was Millard Fillmore [Fillmore, Millard  Deed 10-388 (Image 718)] and Deed 10-389 and probably others].

Erie County, New York, Deeds
Asa Warren and Wife, Martha of Eden
Millard Fillmore, of Aurora
10-389 (Image 224)
2 August 1824
Lot #24, Town Of Aurora, Erie County, New York

...beginning at the southwest corner of a piece of land conveyed by William Warren and Sally his wife to Calvin Fillmore and now in the occupation or possession of Joseph Howard Junior, thence west...
Witness: Obed Warren

The Fillmore Genealogy here (also source of the chronology below):


Dorene from Ohio said...

So neat! I love seeing well known folks in actual records!

PalmsRV said...

Me, too, Dorene. It makes them seem more real for some reason. Thanks again for commenting! Cathy