Monday, August 25, 2014

Joseph Bondy's Lot No. 10

See this website, History of the Ojibway People, for a map indicating a Lot (No.?) for Joseph Bondy (Senior?) in what is now Ontario, Canada.

Source (Page 1905)

The Board read the Proceedings of the preceding day.
668 (Petite Cote) Joseph Bondy, Senior, and John Baptiste La Framboise, Settlers on the Petite Cote being examined (Petite Cote) the Board have decided that Josh. Bondy should have a Continuation in the second Concession of an Acre and an half in Lot No 10, and that Jean Baptiste La Framboise, already settled on said Concession, should have an acre and an half in the same Lot preserving that half where his house, Inclosure (see o.c. 17 March, 1808 res/g. This Lot No. 46) and Improvements are already made, the Board also grant him Lot No. 46 in the second Concession, lately granted to Joseph Bondy, which he, Bondy, in consequence of this arrangement voluntarily relinquishes.

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