Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Early Aurora, New York

From Brigham's General Directory of Auburn, Weedsport, Port Byron, Union Springs ...

In 1786, the first house in Cayuga county was erected.  Every white man then living within a distance of fifty miles was present, numbering thirteen, assisted by several Indians. It belonged to Roswell Franklin*, the earliest settler of this village, and was located a little north of the old residence of Jonathan Richmond. The house was about fourteen feet square.

*III. Early Settlers.
Roswell Franklin and several other settlers of Wyoming County, Pennsylvaria, organized The Little Lessee Company, a land company, in 1788. This company arranged with the Indians for the perpetual lease of the land lying between lakes Cayuga and Owasco for which rent was to be paid annually. In the summer of 1788 Roswell Franklin, Elisha Durkee and others surveyed these lands for the company, dividing them into lots of 160 acres each.

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