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Rufus Rowe At The Rancho de las Pulgas

Posted in the Daily Alta California:

Isaac Briceland vs. Rufus Rowe, et al
5 March 1855

...on the county road leading from the city of San Francisco to the San Francisquito Creek, which point is opposite land of Osborne, and is the point of the county road, where the line of division commences between Rufus Rowe and Hackett and Judah, as designated on the map or survey of Humphrey, County Surveyor, filed at...the county Recorder's Office in San Francisco, June 25, 1853...numbered 1516 1/2....290 45/100 acres....

A search of Rancho de las Pulgas revealed the name of the surveyor general of California, John C. Hays (former Texas Ranger and cohort of Kit Acklin who is in my extended family tree):

 "Yet the surveyor general of California, John C. Hays, on the 19th day of December 1856 returned to the General Land Office his report of a pretended survey of Las Pulgas rancho including some 35,240 acres of land whereas in the Pulgas rancho with its west boundary but one league from the bay...".

Edward S. Rowe mentioned in this newspaper notice about Rancho de las Pulgas.

From Historic Spots In California [Ravenswood]:
The John Beal Steinberger property at this point was purchased in 1853 by Rufus Rowe, D. H. Haskell, John K. Hackett, and C. [Charles] D. Judah*...   *Charles D. Judah makes a cameo appearance in the biography of his brother, Theodore.

A map in the Stanford University Library:

Shows coastal outline, hills, roads, vegetation, and settlement locations of Jones, Steinberger, and Carr in the vicinity of Palo Alto. Includes a profile of the base line (length 6.53 miles) and a sketch showing the location of the base line in relation to the southern half of San Francisco Bay.
Note:  Related materials: Pulgas survey made by Trolkylovski C.E. for Rufus Rowe, D.H. Haskell, ... & C.D. Judah. San Francisco, 1853. Manuscript map in map collection, "Cities & Towns, S.F. #4222."

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