Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jeane Bpt. Sans Crainte

Background on the Sans Crainte family:

When the prisoners were brought in, Bosseron the Villain...levelld his piece at Serjeant Sanscrainte, whose father (who had come with Clarke from the Illinois) at that instant stepping up raised the muzzle and obtained his son's life by applying to Col. Clarke 

The senior Sanscrainte...was with the Americans and G.R. Clark; his (Sanscrainte's) son was with the British and saved his son's life.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

American state papers: Documents, legislative and ..., Part 8, Volume 5, by the United States. Congress, contained information from the Register of the Land Office that included testimony from Jeane Bpt. Sans Crainte.

Mr. Sans Crainte "...deposeth and saith that in...April 1784, the chiefs of the Ottaway nation came and requested of this deponent to go with them to Otter creek, near river Raisin, for the purpose of receiving a tract of land which they had given to the Cheine family...".

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