Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crenshaw Deed In Gallatin County

Gallatin County, Illinois, Deeds
9 Apr 1849

William and Adeline Crenshaw; John Crenshaw and Sinai, wife (signed her name Sina)
Thomas S. Hick and Thomas S. Hick (twice) of same
Guardian of Eleanor Hick, George B. Hick, Isabella, John and Elizabeth Hick
Minors and heirs at law of William Hick, dec'd of Gallatin

See a picture of John and Sina Crenshaw.

General Michael K. Lawler married Elizabeth, the daughter of John and Sina Crenshaw in 1837.  "At the time of the marriage, her father was the largest landowner in the [Gallatin County, Illinois] county...". [Source]

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