Friday, March 28, 2014

Early Dansville And Its Blacksmith Shop

Deed 4-146 between Leonard and Elizabeth Kuhn of Sparta, and Russell Day, also of Sparta in Livingston County, New York...a parcel of land in Dansville bounded on the west by the main street and south by that village lot owned by Peter Kuhn and now possessed by Samuel G. Eppea...the dividing line between John Kashner's...lot in the village (Dansville) aforesaid on which his blacksmith shop now stands....witnessed by Samuel Stillwell and Lydia Kuhn, 28 March 1823.

From Dansville; historical, biographical, descriptive...:

...recalls the most of the farm owners and residents along Main street in or about 1830. Among the former were John Hartman, Amariah Hammond, William Ferine, Joshua Shepard, Russell Day, Dr. F. W. Clark, Col. Samuel W. Smith, Mr. Gansvoort, Leonard Kuhn, Jacob Opp, Mr. McCartney, Jacob Welch, Jonathan Barnhart, Conrad Welch, Henry Welch, Solomon Fenstermacher, Abram Dippy, Samuel Shannon, Luther Melvin, Isaac Fenstermacher, John Wilkinson, William Pickell. Some of the farms lay on both sides of Main street, and on the east side extended back to East hill. Dr. James Faulkner lived on South street, and his tract included the most of the present village on the west side of Main from Ossian street up.

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