Monday, March 24, 2014

Alex Howard And The Muirheads

Additional information relative to this petition:

M- Bundle 11
Film C-2200

Petition of John Muirhead of Niagara, who is the son of Doctor James Muirhead, and is a respectable, loyal young man.  It appeared that the name of Alex Howard appeared on the petition.  (Researching the Howards in that region, but no connection made yet to Alex Howard).

From Papers of the [United States] War Department: 1784-1800
Compensation of British Surgeons, Date July 28, 1800
Summary After examining the document relative to the compensation of the British surgeons attending the garrison at Niagara, Dexter finds that the pay of an assistant or surgeon's mate should be adequate for the services rendered.

"Dr. Muirhead attended from 29th Augt to 9th Nov 1799"

Obituary of Dr. James Muirhead mentioned here.

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