Tuesday, February 25, 2014

McMillans To The Ducey Lumber Company

Roscommon Co., MI, Deed
25 February 1885
H. McMillan and Mary, his wife
Ducey Lumber Company

From my Roscommon News website page:

OCTOBER 21, 1887
D. Cameron will clean up for the Ducey Lumber Co. South of this village banking about 3,000,000 on the railroad.

JANUARY 8, 1888
J. Backus of Saginaw has sold the interest of Backus Brothers, in the mill and lumbering industry of the Ducey & Backus Lumber Co., to Mr. Ducey. [Duncan Cameron worked for Ducey]

Patrick Ducey, Lumberman on this 1884 State of Michigan census.  Here in Detroit in 1900.

From a newspaper article in upstate New York:

According to Franklin County property records, Patrick Ducey had purchased timberland in 1881 before Hurd bought his holdings. It was Patrick Ducey and his partner, John Backus, who built the Buck Mountain logging business, creating the lumbering village of Brandon. According to local lore, Ducey cautioned people who came to work for him not to purchase land because he, Ducey, would pull out once the timber was harvested, and his employees would be left with no way to make a living. Joseph LaMora, the "Black Joe" to whom the piece refers, was not connected with John Hurd's enterprises but rather with Patrick Ducey's.

Patrick Ducey died in Detroit in 1903.

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