Saturday, February 1, 2014

Homestead Of Abraham Lincoln

Speeches in the House of Representatives, April, 1916, "On a bill to accept a deed of conveyance from the Lincoln Farm Association to the United States of the Homestead of Abraham Lincoln, near the town of Hodgenville, State of Kentucky.

"Now, as to this log-cabin tribute:  But here is LINCOLN'S old Kentucky home. Here is the log cabin where he was born. Here is a silent monitor teaching a vital lesson in patriotism. Here is a symbol of hope and cheer to every poor boy struggling against poverty for an honorable career. Here is a Mecca where all the children of the Nation can gather and take courage in the story of a man, born in a rude log cabin, who learned to read books at night in the silent woods by the light of a pine-knot fire, and who became the guiding hand the leading spirit in one of the greatest epochs of all history." [Source]


Dorene from Ohio said...

It's amazing that Lincoln achieved such greatness, coming from such humble beginnings! I'd love to visit his homestead!

PalmsRV said...

Put it on your bucket list, Dorene! It is a memorable sight. Cathy