Monday, November 11, 2013

The DeGarmo Jones Estate

*Source of River Front Of Jones And Cass Farm

The DeGarmo Jones estate in the following description..."that the boundary lines of the township of Springwells in the county of Wayne be and the same are hereby established as follows to wit: beginning at a point in the national boundary line in the Detroit river opposite the western line of the farm of DeGarmo Jones......"..[Source] 

The Jones property from an historic perspective:
From the City of Detroit Historic Designation Advisory Board:
Land included in the Warren-Prentis Historic District was originally known as the Park Lots, the Cass Farm, and the Jones/Crane Farm [located between Third and the alley West of Fourth and platted in the 1850s]... . The initial division of property into long, narrow ribbons, fronting on the Detroit River and extending back several miles, followed the land ownership patterns established by the French settlers in the 18th century. 

Mention of Jones farm  and more from "Early days in Detroit" in an earlier "In Deeds" blog post:

DeGarmo Jones also served as Mayor of Detroit, elected in 1839.

The Corktown History blog has the Jones farm area (among others) superimposed on a street map of Detroit and also a timeline of the property. *Image of Jones and Cass House seen in the Corktown History blog.

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