Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snay's North Line

From the Elizabethtown [New York] Post-Gazette, dated 5 December 1907:

New York Supreme Court, Essex County....Lamoy defendants...sell at public auction...parcel of land bounded and described as follows:  Beginning in the center of Lake Flower Avenue [part of State Road 86] on the north line of Harry Reynold's lot; running thence north 80 deg east 235 feet to a cedar post in the fence on north line of S. Duprey lot; thence north 5 deg 30 mins west 51.5 feet to a stake at northwest corner of Peter Snay lot; thence north 81 deg east along Snay's north line 19 and 14-100 feet to a stake; thence north 12 deg west 38 sec 28-100 feet to a cedar post at northwest corner of Louisa Daniel's lot.....Being the same premises conveyed to said Thomas Levi Lamoy by Celestia E. Merchant and Stephen Merchant by deed dated June 11, 1901, and recorded in the Essex County Clerk's office on the 10th day of March 1902, in Book 123 of Deeds at Page 118.  Dated November 26th, 1907.

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