Sunday, October 27, 2013

Neil MacDonald And Malcolm Cameron

From Land Records in Kent County, Ontario, Canada:

Dawn Township, Book A
27 Oct 1853
12 on 11 Concession
Neil MacDonald, of Dawn, Lambton, and Flore Mae (x her mark) his wife of 2nd part and Malcolm Cameron, 3rd part of City of Quebec

From the The Coubrough Times:
"In the summer of 1853, Dawn Township... ."
"Among the faces that morning is that belonging to an elderly man named Neil MacDonald. His wife, Flora,...".

"A Lambton County Land Office record dated July 30, 1853, shows a bill of sale from one Malcolm Cameron to one Neil MacDonald for "all 200 acres" of Lot 11, Concession 12...".

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Marcie said...

Hi there. I'm researching Neil and Flora MacDonald and was wondering if you had any further info on them. I'm especially interested in what was said on the Coubrough site, which won't load for me.