Friday, October 18, 2013

Edison Connection

A Statue Of Young Tom Edison In Port Huron, Michigan

Connection Of The Family Of Edison, The Inventor, With Digby, Nova Scotia, in the New England Historical And Genealogical Society's publication:

"Among the Loyalists from New York who settled in and near Digby at the close of the Revolutionary war, were quite a number of Dutch, and some of German extraction. Among these Loyalists appears John Edison... ."

"John Edison owned lot No. 15 in the North Range of the Hatfield Grant, 200 acres ; No. 49, Middle Range, 200 acres ; and half of lot No. 25, South Range, 100 acres...".

"Samuel Edison, grandfather of the inventor, purchased the possession of pew No. 36 in Trinity Church, Sept. 26, 1792, and in the assessment for church expenses Dec. 5, 1796, he was rated 2 s 6 d." [Source]


Dorene from Ohio said...

One my favorite Americans!!!

PalmsRV said...

Mine, too, Dorene!