Monday, October 21, 2013

Aaron Burr In The Cayuga County Index

New York, Land Records, 1630-1975 Cayuga Grantor index 1794-1836 vol 1 AA, XX:

March 1796 Burr  Aaron (Grantor)
Benjamin Ledyard (Power of Attorney)

1794  Burr  Aaron (Grantor)
Benjamin Ledyard (Power of Attorney)

1794  Burr   Aaron by Attorney (Grantor)
John A. Schaffer

From "An original paper upon early records in Cayuga County clerk's office..":
"The first instrument recorded in this book is a power of attorney from Aaron Burr to Benjamin Ledyard, dated November 12, 1794, authorizing the latter to sell and convey any real property in the then Onondaga county belonging to Burr. This system of Miscellaneous and Reservation deed records thus commenced was continued through Liber C. M. R....".

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