Friday, September 20, 2013

Provincial Land Surveyor's Instructions In London, Ontario

Instructions to provincial land surveyor [Benjamin Springer, No. 24] to survey the boundary line [between the 10th and 11th concessions of the township of London across lots nrs. 31 and 32 and establish it by permanent stone boundaries]  (1852)

10th and 11th Concessions of the Township of London, Lots 31 and 32

The Batie Family History website included this:
A location generally in the center of the area served was selected near the southwest corner of the 11th Concession Road (now Ilderton Road or County Road 18) and the London-Lobo Townline (see Figure 2-3). The land for the new church was donated by William ROBSON who lived on the N of lot 32, Concession 10, just across the Townline.

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