Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Code (Coad) Petition

Title: Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: c-1739
Petition 51


The clearings on each side of the River Maitland seems to be occupied in common by Mr. Code and his sons except a small portion....

This page in Petition 51 mentions the water flow, Mr. Code's sons, as well as John Tennant, Alexander Ritchie, and George Jackson


Stratford, September 18, 1834

...acquainted with Samuel Code and George Code, Junior, sons of George Code Senior....Lots Numbers Six & Seven in the Second Concession of the Township of Elma in the County of Perth.

...that they have erected a saw mill on Lot #7...

Reverend George Case, Wesleyan minister vouched for the Codes' "irreproachable moral character."

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