Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Owned By The University Of Toronto

An example of a dispute regarding a deed (for the west half of Lot 21 in the 6th Concession of Pittsburgh [Canada]) in the Report of the proceedings on the application to the Court of Common Pleas made by John Keys, of Pittsburgh, against Sir Henry Smith and J.A. Henderson, attorneys, for defrauding him.

In Mr. Keys' (the plaintiff) affidavit:

"I, John Keys, of the Township of Pittsburgh, in the County of Frontenac, Yeoman, make oath and say----"

Points of interest:

#1.  The property was owned by the University of Toronto, under its then name

#4.  Keys had cleared and fenced about 46 acres of said Lot, had built a house and barn thereon, had planted an orchard, and otherwise improved the land.

#10. ...in reference to said Lot until after my return from the United States of American in the fall of the year A.D. 1860, where I had been for about nine months.... .

#12.  Keys' wife would be allowed to remain on the Lot for one year, and if [he] did not return....

#15.  Keys' wife offered property for sale to William Macfarland...

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