Friday, August 30, 2013

Evans' Land Warrants In Kentucky County, Virginia

From land records online at the Kentucky Secretary of State's office -- results for the name 'Evans' (example below):

23.) Preemption Warrant #: 1500  Cropped Image |Original Scanned Image
Name: Evans, DavidCounty: Monongalia
Type #1: PreemptionAcreage #1: 1000
Location/WaterCourse: Spring CreekAssignee #1: McCleary, William
Issue Date: 4/3/1781

Also from the Kentucky SOS office:
"Early Kentucky settlers who made an improvement and planted a crop prior to January 1, 1778, were entitled to a 400-acre certificate of settlement and could purchase an additional adjacent 1,000 acres under a preemption warrant. Persons who made an improvement and planted a crop in Kentucky County, Virginia from January 1, 1778, through May 1779 could purchase a 400-acre preemption warrant. This office maintains a database of settlers whom the Land Commission deemed qualified for Certificates of Settlement and Preemption Warrants."

Images showing Kentucky as part of Virginia.

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