Saturday, July 27, 2013

William R. & Mary Jane Johnston To Mrs. Hart Of Cleveland, Ohio

William R. Johnston and Mary Jane, his wife, of Roscommon Village
Mrs. Maria (or Mira) Hart of Cleveland, Ohio

Checked the Cleveland Necrology file online; there were a few hits, but nothing definitive in my estimation.  

Wish I would have recorded the date of the deed -- would have helped narrow the time frame when searching census records at FamilySearch.  Other deeds I've extracted in Roscommon County place the date, based on Liber "13," in the second half of 1894 (ish).  

This family tree has a Maria Hart and also mentions Roscommon, Michigan.  [As a side note, the tree also includes Jane Hudson whose widower married a person in my (very) extended family tree]  My extended family tree also includes William  and Mary Jane Johnston (the Grantors); my great-grandmother, Anna Cameron Johnston Cameron, would have been their sister-in-law.

Using the other deeds I've extracted from the county records did help narrow down the search, but there are still too many Mira/Mary/Marie Harts listed for me to identify the Mrs. Hart who was the Grantee.  Roscommon County may not have been the primary residence of Mrs. Hart after she purchased the property.  

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