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John Anderson Of Old Detroit

Source Of Birdseye View Of Detroit

The name John Anderson appears in old ledgers in Detroit as early as 1802, when he bought leather at James Henry's tannery. In 1805-6 John Askin mentions two John Andersons in his ledgers, one a trader in the Maumee region and the other a saddler in Detroit. The latter is undoubtedly the same young man whose name appears in the third class claimants for a donation lot after the fire, and in some of the records is marked "doubtful."  However, he appears to have drawn lot 27, old plan, 28 new plan, section 8.  A deed was ordered January 21, 1807, and was filed unexecuted.  Later, on December 19, 1808, another deed was ordered, but there is no record of this on file.

It is quite likely that this is the same John Anderson who again appears in the records.  He...attended the West Point Military Academy..., having received his appointment from Vermont. He served as second lieutenant of artillery in Detroit as early as June, 1809, as appears in an old account book of that year.  In 1811 he purchased of William McDowell Scott, lots 52 and 54, section 3, the site of the Mariners' Church on Woodward Avenue. The same year he was appointed executor of the estate of Christopher Tuttle.
From the Governor and judges journal: proceedings of the Land board of Detroit

From the Cullum File of Heman Allen Fay (a fellow West Pointer):

2nd. John Anderson -- became Col. of Topographical Engineers, was surrendered (with others) by Gen. Hull at Detroit -- a prisoner, sent to Montreal -- exchanged, but was never in "battle" -- he died in Detroit a Drinking Man, & nothing grieved me more --for he was (while a Cadet) one of the most moral, clever men, I ever knew --

John Anderson - Probate File - Index Card (File #624):

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