Thursday, April 11, 2013

Henry Hay's Petition And Journal

Microform: c-2043
"H"  Bundle 1
2 January 1793
Petition Written In Detroit

Petition of Henry Hay

That your Memorialist had the honor of serving in the late war as an ensign in His Majesty's 2nd Batn. of the King's Royal Regm't of New York, not having received his portion of land as a reduced subaltern, humbly submits to your Excellency that he receive part of them in the back Concessions opposite the Fort of Detroit....

There is a book entitled the "Narrative of Life on the Old Frontier: Henry Hay's Journal from Detroit to the Miami River;" was it written by this Henry Hay?  A publication, "Fort Wayne in 1790," described Henry Hay's Journal thusly:

Henry Hay, who wrote the Journal, was the son of Major Jehu Hay.

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