Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Early Settlers Flocked To Alabama

These early settlers got word back to their former friends and neighbors of the unusual fertility of the soil, the beauty of the country, and of the wonderful "Big Spring," and in 1806, large numbers of home-seekers began to come into the county from Middle and East Tennessee, and Georgia. These pioneers were of the types usually found on unsettled frontiers, "the advance guard of civilization," known as "squatters."  They were a very thrifty lot, and at the Government land sales in 1809 many were able to buy the tracts upon which they had "squatted" and made their homes. As a whole they were an honest, law-abiding people, modest in their desires and customs, living peaceably without law or government for some years. [Source]

Some of the Acklins moved from the Winchester, Franklin, County, area of Tennessee, to Huntsville.  Elizabeth Hunt, the daughter of John Hunt (the founder of Huntsville, Alabama, who settled near the Big Spring) married Samuel Black Acklin.

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