Friday, March 22, 2013

Davison Twp. In Genesee Co., Michigan

The new township of Davison was in the limit of land obtained of the Indians by the treaty at Detroit in 1807.

Source (Davison Twp., Genesee County, Michigan)

Prior to its settlement by the whites, [it] was an Indian hunting ground traversed by three and perhaps more trails. The main trail from Compenaconaic to Nepessing crossed the Kearsley creek below where the Atlas mills now stand.

After the missionaries went among the Indians they would camp by these springs... . Here the trail forked; one going along the highland west of the big swamp and around Potter's lake, probably to Nepessing (in Lapeer County, Michigan), the other took a northerly course to Flint river. Source


I lived near Potter's Lake in Davison Township during my high school years.

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