Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trousdale To UNC

From An Earlier In Deeds Post

The crux of the deed's text mentioned above:

Orange County, North Carolina
Deed Book 11, Page 142
9 October 1795
Deed Of Release
John Trousdale
William Shepperd, Attorney
Whereas John Trousdale, some time ago having purchased a tract of land from Mary E. McCulloch, being the tract in the fork of Haw river and Great Alamance, and containing six hundred and twenty acres, whereas James Peterson, James Stockard, James Trousdale, and John Trousdale are now living. Now I, John Trousdale, for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings to me in hand paid, have sold to William Shepperd, attorney for the Trustees of the University of North Carolina, the above tract of land. ..
Test: Natt Christmas

From 1795-1819: The Establishment of the University:
...a member of the site-selection commission, wanted the University located in Orange County and began talking to his neighbors. He raised generous pledges of 1,386 acres of land and approximately $1,600. The commissioners unanimously accepted these gifts and recommended New Hope Chapel Hill to the trustees.  


 Lots of detail in a Wandering Through The NC Piedmont blog post, including information about a possible Trousdale mill and a map with James Stockard's name on it.  

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