Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Allan Cameron For Son Duncan

Regarding Lot #8 in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada:

Name: CAMERON, Allan
Place: Buckingham
Year: 1853
Bundle: C 7
Petition: 6
Microfilm: C-1738

No. 819
Crown Lands Department
Quebec, 12th Feby 1853

Allan Cameron for
H. L. Langevin for
Lot 8  Buckingham
1054 H. L. Langevin  27 July '52

This application is for issue of Patent for Crown Lot above specified, which was located on 21st Nov 1826, to Duncan Cameron, who has empowered his father, Allan Cameron, to dispose of the same as he may deem proper--

The performance of the settlement duties by Patrick M. Clement, the occupier of the Lot being certified by two individuals, about __ the agent states worthy of belief; and further certifying the occupant willing for the Patent is __ in the name of the original locatee; the undersigned sees no objection to the location being confirmed, and Patent for the Lot is being, as requested, to Duncan Cameron, the original locatee, on pre-payment of the usual fee.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Langevin

Here's the next page (6a). [7th Concession?]  

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