Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Germans, Germans, Germans

The 1871 Canadian census indicated that my ancestress, Mrs. Mary Howard (maiden name unknown), born in Canada (1791), was of German ethnicity, so when I found a list of early German settlers, it was intriguing.  The group of German settlers in Petition #54 lived in Markham Township, Upper Canada [Ontario].  I do not know where in Canada Mary was born; she lived in the Niagara area during her married life and widowhood.

According to Wikipedia, Markham Township's German settlers came to Canada in 1794.


Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microfilm: c-1621
Page Navigation: (1093 pages) Image 509 
Petition 54d
"B" Bundle 6
27 Dec 1815
Markham Twp.
Schedule No. III

Other Images For Petition #54

Image 506, Image 504, Image 503, Image 501, Image 514, Image 515, and Image 517.

Reuben Wait and Markham Township with a Niagara connection.  An interesting story of Reuben's son, Benjamin, can be found here.

The list of microfilm online at the Library and Archives Canada where the petitions can be found is here.

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