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Two Brothers, Both Named Allan Cameron

 Cameron, Allan
Vol 138, Bundle C-5, Petition 168
[Microfilm Roll C-1737]

Images 259 / 260 mentioned that Allan was the son of Allan and also the son of John (John was in faint print and in a different place on the page).  Petitioner was soldier of RRNY's son.  Allan Cameron E 1/2 of 4 Cornwall (or could say E 1/2  2 - 4).  4 Con. Cornwall...Recommended for Scrip equal to 200 acres, C. L. D.  18 May 1850  [See pages for additional information]

Image 253
Affidavit of Samuel Hunter re: two sons named Allan

County of York...Of the Township of South Gower, Yeoman maketh oath @ saith; That he is personally and well acquainted with the late Allan Cameron, formerly of Cornwall an U. E. Loyalist.  That the said Allan Cameron was married twice and had children by both wifes [sic].  That one son by the first wife is named Allan, who drew his land in the Township of of West Meath*.  That the second son Allan by his second marriage has never drawn any land or received any order for land as he this deponent verily believes, and that he is the person represents who in the petition now before government and described in the said petition as Allan Cameron the second which is the fact and truth as explained above.  Samuel Hunter  *Note:  I think it said West Meath
12 June 1850

Image 254
Petition 168a
Proof required that Petitioner father belonged to the RRNY (Royal Regiment of New York)

Image 255
Should state what his father's service was in Rev War if any (paraphrased)

Image 256

Allan Cameron, second of that name...son of Allan Cameron,, late of Lot #7 in the 4th Concession, Cornwall, a Loyalist U.E., has arrived at the age of twenty-one years and has never received any land....January 1840 (see signature below)

Image 258 Also Image 257
Petition 168c
Had taken Oath of Allegiance
29 July 1840

Tutorial on how to find these petitions.

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