Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Locating Some Land Records In Connecticut

hile looking for land records in Wethersfield, Connecticut, I found this Research Guide to Connecticut Land Records (excerpted below):

Record Group 1, Early General Records.
Volumes 46-51 of the Early General Records contain land records copied by the Secretary of the General Assembly. These are records of land grants from the colony and subsequent sales of granted land. These are not found in the land records of the individual towns, and those who are searching for early records should search these volumes in addition to town land record volumes.
These volumes are available on microfilm in the History and Genealogy Reading Room.

46Connecticut Colonial Records Vol. 1, 1640-1653, Hartford, Windsor, Wethersfield.L.H. 4417

While searching for the comparable LDS Microfilm for Connecticut Colonial Records, The public records of the colony of Connecticut, 1637 - 1776...  was among the results and even better, are online at FamilySearch.  Don't know if they are the exact same records, because I've never used either.

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