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The Chappells To Francis MacDonald In Roscommon Co., Michigan

Roscommon County, Michigan's Register of Deeds is online. Below is an abstract of a deed obtained during a visit to the Register of Deeds office. 

Roscommon County, Michigan, Deed
Date: ?
P.C. Chappell and wife (Helen) of Nestor Twp
Francis MacDonald of Nestor Twp.
Strip of land 30 rods ...from west side of fraction alot #3 on Section 18  Twn 22 North of Range 3 West
10 or 12 acres...

Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
groom's name: James H. Hunt
groom's birth date: 1871
groom's birthplace: Pennsylvania
bride's name: Musetta Chappell
bride's birth date: 1877
bride's birthplace: Michigan
marriage date: 07 Jun 1899
marriage place: Moorestown, Missaukee, Michigan
groom's father: James B. Hunt
groom's mother: Catherine Syms
bride's father: Philandor Chappell
bride's mother: Helen R. Smith

United States Census, 1880
name: Philander C. Chappell
residence: Jefferson, Hillsdale, Michigan
birthdate: 1820
birthplace: New York, United States
relationship to head: Self
spouse's name: Rachel H. Chappell
spouse's birthplace: Ohio, United States
father's birthplace: New York, United States
mother's birthplace: New York, United States
gender: Male
martial status: Married
  Philander C. Chappell M 60
spouse Rachel H. Chappell F 43
child Adella S. Chappell F 20
child Nettie M. Chappell F 13
child Norah E. Chappell F 11
child Nellie C. Chappell F 9
child Carrie S. Chappell F 6
child Muzetta B. Chappell F 4

Philander Chappelle died on June 14, 1912, in Missaukee County, Michigan.  Helen Rachel (Smith) Chappelle died on 28 December 1914.

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