Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lumbermen Alger & Moore To Mr. Rupp Of Saginaw

See one time presidential hopeful* Russell Alger's Roscommon County deed transaction below.

*In 1888, the Michigan delegates made him a candidate for the nomination as President of the United States, and in the Republican National Convention gave him 143 votes on one ballot. [Source]

Roscommon County, Michigan, Deed
11 May 1883
Moore & Alger
Russell Alger and Annette, his wife...and Stephen Moore and Elizabeth, his wife...
John J. Rupp of Saginaw
Witnesses: J. C. McCaul, Fay Alger, George H. Moore, Alan Frazier, Notary

From America's Successful Men Of Affairs....:
"In 1866, General Alger settled in Detroit and resumed the lumber business in the firm of Moore, Alger & Co., the moneyed men of the concern being Franklin and Stephen Moore. In the winter of 1867-68, the subject of this sketch took his wife and one child, 100 miles by sleigh into the woods to the lumber camp, and spent the Winter there in a log cabin, returning to civilization in the Spring by the same conveyance. This experience not only gave him a thorough acquaintance with the practical part of lumber operations, but a knowledge of the woods, and under his energetic and skillful direction the firm entered upon a period of satisfactory prosperity. Stephen Moore retired after a time, and his brother at a later date, the firm then taking the name of R. A. Alger & Co. As the years passed by, the business proved increasingly profitable and surplus earnings were largely devoted to purchases of eligible tracts of pine timber lands."

Annette (Henry) Alger, daughter of William and Hulda (Squier) Henry was a descendant of Wait Squier as are my grandkids.

Portrait Of Stephen Moore From Cyclopedia Of Michigan History....

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