Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Historic Richmond House Detective Story

The Charles H. and Amy White (Howland) Richmond family lived in a house, built circa 1845*, now located at 1526 Pontiac Trail in Ann Arbor (primarily Section 21 of Township 2 South, Range 6 East, Ann Arbor Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan).

The story of the house was featured in the April 2010 issue of Impressions. According to the article, the builder and first residents of the house were Jonathan and [Sarah] Almy (Richmond)** Lund.  Following the Lunds were Charles H. and Amy Richmond.  Amy's brother, Philip Henry Howland, lived with them.

*Harley et al. 2011 - Dendrochronological dating of the Lund-Spathelf House..., or how the construction date of the house was determined:  "Making the search more intriguing, the owner discovered an engraving in the basement that read: ‘‘P.H.H. April 2[?],186[?].’’ The initials P.H.H. refer to Philip Henry Howland... ."

**Sarah Almy (Richmond) Lund was the daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca Allen Almy Richmond (other daughters profiled here).  Charles H. Richmond was Sarah's brother.

Rebecca, the niece of Sarah Almy (Richmond) Lund was Libbie Custer's cousin (Libbie was the widow of General George Armstrong Custer).

The Richmonds and I share a common ancestor, John Richmond, the original immigrant to America.


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